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Not sure if your windshield is repairable? Call us or stop on by, we are happy to take a look at it for you! We offer same day appointments on repairs.

Auto Glass Needs
Auto Glass Replacements
Auto Glass Repairs

And yes, we work with all insurance companies and can assist you with the claims process and best of all, it may not cost you a penny! Most insurance companies will waive your deductible for a windshield repair (check with your insurance company).

Legendary Auto Glass and Mirror doesn't replace just windshields, we also replace door glass, vent glass, quarter glass, and back windshields on all makes and models. 

Windshield Replacements
Auto Glass services

Did you know we offer recalibration when you replace your windshield?

Why do we offer this? Cause at the end of the day, we’re just trying to make sure, our customers are getting back into their cars are safe. We spend a lot of time and research on making sure that what we’re doing is the very best we can do. It’s what we do at Legendary Auto Glass and Mirror.

explaining adas calibration
adas calibration continued

 Gone are the simple days of just replacing your windshield when it breaks. Most vehicles now require recalibration when you replace your glass — something that use to be done quickly and inexpensively without needing to involve insurance — is now a more expensive procedure.

You know how your car beeps or protests when you try to

switch lanes without a turn signal? Well, it is your car forcing

people to drive more safely. This is your ADAS system and it

is all connected to your windshield. So many ADAS components

are integrated into, and rely on, that camera mounted

in the windshield, that it’s become a very involved process.

adas continued

So what is recalibration you ask?

Recalibration - zeroing out the camera - is vital for driver safety. Systems such as lane-keep assist, which keep vehicles centered in the lane, won’t work correctly if the camera is off by even a small amount. An uncalibrated camera could send a vehicle veering out of the lane. This requires perfectly precise recalibration to ensure that a vehicle’s windshield cameras are positioned correctly and functioning as they should.

ADAS (Advance driver assistance system) systems are sensitive, a windshield could look correct, and not throw up error codes, but still be off just enough to be unsafe. This is why it is so important you have your vehicle recalibrated and why we offer it.

Windshield Repairs
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